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Established in 1991 and with over 40 of years of machine design and drafting experience we supply a quality job from start to finish.

Engineered Design Solutions, located in Rockford Illinois is a contract engineering services provider to local and regional machine builders and manufacturing concerns. Design and detail work primarily focuses on automated custom machinery including assembly machinery, material handling, tooling and fixture design. An important aspect of Engineered Design Solutions is the ability to design mechanisms that incorporate cam driven motions for perfectly synchronized machine operation. Product design projects are a part of the services that can be supplied.

Design work is conducted with AutoCAD 3d solid modeling software, completed projects can be provided as a solid model and 2d layout and detail drawings. Recent design projects were used to create rapid prototype parts for evaluative purposes and end product refinement. Cam design work can easily be translated into file formats to import into CNC machines for manufacturing. Our relationship with a local reputable machine shop allows us the capability to manufacture the desired cams.

To ensure efficient and productive concentration of work effort, a software product called CadTempo was developed to monitor the workday activities. Analyzing the various logs that are generated by CadTempo we have been able to establish and maintain an efficient and competitive stance in the machine design arena.

The CadTempo time tracking software is now available for your use. CadTempo will track time in AutoCAD and other CAD design software such as Inventor, Revit, Sketchup and more. Additionally, recognizing that engineering personal interact with a multitude of software products CadTempo can be configured by the user to monitor and track the usage of Excel, Word, QuatroPro, etc.

A unique feature of CadTempo is its ability to keep time of each file worked on and separate the actual time editing a file from the elapsed time that accrues while a file is open. Multiple users are logged independently and job time is easily recorded by using the task timer which is included.

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