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Visit the CadTempo web page  Visit CadTempo

New Version 6.6 Updated 06/04/2020. CadTempo is the time keeping and tracking solution for CAD and related engineering documents. Edit and elapsed time are automatically recorded. The CAD supervisor, project manager or other big wig can easily view the accumulated document time as well as the work week history. CadTempo now supports Mac Parallels and Dropboxr

Visit DwgGrid  Visit DwgGrid

Now Available! DwgGrid is a Windows Explorer like browser for viewing and printing the thumbnails for all CAD type files. Provides printing capabilities of the drawing thumbnail image, file listings and the directory tree structure. DwgGrid also creates Web pages of the thumbnail images for publishing to the Internet or your Intranet. 

Visit Ignite  Ignite

In development, Ignite is a Windows Explorer type front end to your AutoCAD installation.

Visit FloodGate   FloodGate

In development. FloodGate is a powerfull batch processor for AutoCAD.

Visit Cam Designer   Cam Designer

In development. Cam Designer is a program to assist you in creation of custom cam profiles.

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