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Please feel free to download any of the following files you may find useful.

Trial Software Downloads:
Download The CadTempo Setup Program Now CadTempo is an automatic time keeping utility for drawings and engineering documents.
Download the free 30 day trial of CadTempo now.
Download The DwgGrid Setup Program DwgGrid conveniently prints contact sheets of your CAD file thumbnail (AutoCAD, Inventor, Apprentice, Revit, SolidWorks, Microstation...).

Download the free 30 day trial of DwgGrid now.

Download Autoucs.lsp  Autoucs.lsp ©  

A LISP program that allows single key stroke UCS manipulation. Once loaded and initialized you can easily rotate the x, y, or z axis by 90 degrees, reset to world, view plan to current ucs, view isometric, set z axis to entity, set ucs by 3 points, and change ucs origin. ZOOMMODE allows you to zoom in-out, previous, window, vmax, pan left-right-up-down, and save and restore temp view. Includes mini on-line help. Arrow and "edit" keys function with single key strokes in r13, r14 and above requires the use of ctrl + key combinations. Handy program if you do 3D work!

Download © includes an r14 drawing (space.dwg) which contains four pre-arranged viewports showing top, front, right hand, and isometric views of the 3D model space. Included VP.lsp is a small LISP program that swaps the viewports by selecting the borders. Also includes a bitmap image you can use for adding to your toolbar buttons. Combined with Autoucs.lsp above you are now ready to really take advantage of AutoCAD's 3d working enviroment.


Download AutoDim.lsp   AutoDim.lsp © 

A LISP program that allows single key stroke dimensioning command initiation. Once loaded and initialized AutoDim provides commonly used dimensioning commands such as: Vertical, Horizontal, Baseline, Continued, Angular, Rotated, Leader, Mtext, Dtext, Text editing, Decimal precision formatting, Tolerance formatting, Stretching, Forcing dimensions inside/outside and mini on-line help. Arrow and "edit" keys function with single key strokes in r13, r14 and above requires the use of ctrl + key combinations.

This program (along with Autoucs above) demonstrates the use of  the GRREAD AutoLISP function to capture keyboard events.  It also contains a function to trap errors and exit the program gracefully.


Download CheckDims.lsp   Chkdims.lsp © Updated 02/03/16 

A LISP program that identifies and indicates dimensions that are associative by placing a green box around the dimension text. If the numeric value of the associative dimension is overridden a red circle with an inscribed "x" is placed over the text instead. The user is prompted to either display the indicators or to clean up existing indicators.

Download LispUtil.lsp   LispUtil.lsp 

LISP utilities from New Riders Publishing combined into one file. Required for proper functioning of the noted programs. Includes several user defined "get" functions and BATCHSCR.LSP which allows simple script writing via MSCRIPT.LSP


Rinsert.lsp  Rinsert.lsp © Requires LispUtil.lsp (above) 

A LISP program providing easy replacement of single or multiple blocks. The program uses the "USTR" function included in LispUtil.lsp that formats user prompts, allowing or disallowing null input and provides a means for including a default string value.

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