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This rendering highlights several of our capabilities. The machine was designed complete by E.D.S. and incorporates several custom designed cams. The project included documentation of all sub-assemblies in the form of BOMs and exploded assembly drawings. E.D.S. continues to provide support by engineering change tooling for various customers. 

Custom Cam Design and Manufacturing

This cam is one of the cams used in the machine shown above. One feature of this cam is it has a path machined on both sides, providing perfect synchronization between motions. Design and analysis for the cam was done with our Cam Designer software - watch for it's commercial availibilty. 

Exploded Views

Our exclusive use of AutoCAD's 3d Solid Modeling for your design projects allows us the ability to generate exploded views for assembly drawings for inclusion in manuals and other documentation.

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This animation sequence demonstrates several capabilities within our scope. The mechanism is part of two machines which E.D.S. participated in designing and building. Each machine is made up of 10 stations and a total of 29 cams were utilized. Cam design was accomplished by our Cam Designer software. Upon final profile determination CNC machine code was generated and sent to the shop floor for manufacturing.

Custom Cam Design and Manufacturing

This cam is one of the 29 cams utilized in the above machine. While development continues on our Cam Designer software, you are invited to submit a request for quote for your custom cam needs.

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Machine Design

This 3D DWF file demonstrates our capabilities in Machine Design. This file is 1.2 mb in size so it requires some patience for loading in the DWF Viewer.